PittCSSA Committee Contact Information

Core Executive Board Name School/Department Email
President Ling Miao 缪岭 Mechanical Engineering president.pittcssa@gmail.com
Vice President of Administration Junyi Yang 杨骏逸 Chemical Engineering pittsburghcssa@gmail.com
Vice President of Finance Zexin Li 李泽鑫 Biological Science, History and Philosophy of Science finance.pittcssa@gmail.com
Vice President of Logistics Qiao Lu 鹿桥 Petroleum Engineering logistics.pittcssa@gmail.com
Vice President of Entertainment Birong Shi 史璧榕 A&S entertainment.pittcssa@gmail.com
Vice President of Sports Yechuan Zhang 张页川 Petroleum Engineering sports.pittcssa@gmail.com
Vice President of Public Relations Shuai Liu 刘帅 Civil and Environmental Engineering public.relations.pittcssa@gmail.com
Vice President of Communication Jiawen Zhu 朱嘉文 Foreign Language Education communication.pittcssa@gmail.com
Directors Name School/Department Email
Director of Art & Design Xingjian Zhou 周行健 Mechanical Engineering artanddesign.pittcssa@gmail.com
Director of Volunteers Junke Zhang 张隽珂 Bioinformatics, Chemistry volunteers.pittcssa@gmail.com
Senior Advisory Board Name School/Department Email
Senior Advisor, 2015-2016 President Junjun Zhu 朱俊俊 Mechanical Engineering
Senior Advisor Mengdi Wang 王梦迪 Intelligent System
Senior Advisor Shuai Zhong 钟帅 Communication: Rhet & Comm/Music
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